About Filthy Rich

Based in central/southern New Hampshire... Filthy Rich was formed in 2007 with one simple idea... Not to be "Just another cover band!". To perform songs that most bands wouldn't even consider playing. 

With well over 3 decades as a solo guitarist in other major, New England based power-trios, Slaayde together with drummer Rich P. over the past 23+ yrs ...were looking to create a new cover project as well as continuing with on-going original projects. Over 10 yrs ago, they were joined by prominent bassist and graphic artist Rich N.  and lead vocalist Rich A. With the band finally complete,  it was purely coincidental and sometimes confusing...  BUT,  there were a lot of "Riches"! ...and so it was decided, "Filthy Rich" was born! 

Over the past decade, the band has suffered through it's growing pains, personal pains and musical pains. But to their credit, as a band and friends... they also persevered,  evolved, improved and matured. As with most bands, the guys also struggled through a number of lead vocalists. tying to find the right fit. Enter Jeff L. with his power-house lead vocals and showman prowess, it was becoming clear one of the heaviest, best sounding cover band in New England was complete!... and "Filthy Rich" they remain! 

The goal of the band is and has always been to cover the more heavier, yet popular side of heavier Rock and main stream metal from bands such as Alice in Chains, Ozzy, Megadeath, Disturbed and other well known bands included in that genre, both classic and current. To stand out and not be "just another cover band".  performing material that most bands would't consider. Most of all... have fun, rock their audience and put on a great show! 

Filthy Rich has an explosive sound that is rivaled by few and revered by their ever growing, dedicated and ROckiN fan base. With the exquisite , no fake guitar work of Slaayde, cutting vocals and a real punch, Filthy Rich delivers on the performance of the more popular and heavier Rock and Metal Music. 

If you need a great Rock Band for your Private or Corporate event, Wedding or just to pack your Establishment... Contact Filthy Rich and give all the Rock fans you know a taste of the real thing! Contact Rich P. at (603) 540-0661... or complete our Contact Page and send us your inquiry and details for your upcoming event or check out our DEMO TRAX first... CrAnK iT uP... and listen for yourself!

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